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January 4, 2005


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A novel of existential terror, from a literary master

A Bridge in Darkness
by Carlos Victoria
Translation from Spanish by David Landau

Hardcover, 192 pages, ISBN 0-9714366-4-9,  $25.00

A 39-year-old man in Miami gets a letter from his dying father in Cuba, telling him he has a half-brother living nearby. The search that follows exposes the madness and terror of life in exile. Carlos Victoria’s novel in Spanish, Puente en la oscuridad, won the important Letras de Oro prize for 1993. A Bridge in Darkness, the new edition by Pureplay Press, offers an intimate picture of an environment scarcely accessible to English-language readers: the world of the Cuban exile. It also represents the first substantial appearance in English of a writer widely recognized as a master storyteller.

“He found an affinity with existentialist writers at a time when such writers were not being read in Cuba, and when ‘magic realism’ was triumphant in Latin America. His characters have a feeling of foreignness in their own country, a desolate and anguished viewpoint before an unreal reality, and they are in search of something that might give them a sense they are human—as in the works of Albert Camus, for example.”

—Olga Connor, “The Three Victories of Carlos Victoria,”
El Nuevo Herald, November 7, 2004

About the Author

Born in 1950, Carlos Victoria is a native of Camagüey, central Cuba. At age fifteen he won a national literary prize, thereby attracting notice from Fidel Castro’s regime. Despite a wish to keep free of politics, he was marked as a dissident and later expelled from Havana University on grounds of “ideological deviation.” In 1978, police arrested him and confiscated his manuscripts. In 1980 he grabbed the chance to emigrate to the U.S. during the Mariel boatlift. He now lives in Miami, where he works as an editor at the Spanish-language daily newspaper El Nuevo Herald.

Through a succession of novels and short-story collections published in exile, Carlos Victoria has become one of the most honored of Cuba’s writers and a favorite of Spanish-language audiences across the world. He has also been widely read in France, where two of his novels have appeared in translation. His literary début in English is a much-awaited event.

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