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April l1, 2005

Mr. Enrique Encinosa
C/O Pureplay Press
11353 Missouri Avenue
Los Angeles, California 90025

Dear Mr. Encinosa:

David Landau forwarded me a copy of your terrific book, Unvanquished. I was thrilled to have a copy and while reading your eloquent account, I was reminded of the continual struggle of the Cuban people that has lasted far too long. You have done a great deed in compiling this tragic story that is all too real and deserves immediate conclusion.

You have brought the issue of Fidel Castro’s tyranny to the minds of a great many individuals, and it is of invaluable importance. Unvanquished will encourage me to continue pressing for Fidel Castro’s downfall and the liberation of the Cuban nation.

Please accept my congratulations on Unvanquished’s success, and thank you once again for your incredible service to the people of Cuba, the United States, and the entire community. Hopefully, a second volume of Cuba’s history will have a far happier ending.


Ileana Ros-Lehtinen
Member of Congress


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