Pureplay Press, based in San Francisco, was founded in 2001 by writers and editors who felt the need to publish works about Cuba’s history and culture. At present we have 12 books in print, all with Cuban themes, and we are beginning to publish on other subjects.

Havana: The CapitolStatement of Purpose. Our byword is freedom from the status quo. The qualities we prize in the written word are sincerity, simplicity, elegance and clarity of expression. We are convinced that culture is infinite, and creativity general. We strive to be considerate to readers and encouraging to writers.

Our books are closely edited, carefully designed, printed with high-quality materials and then marketed by all plausible means, including the World Wide Web.

Fields of interest are fiction, history, poetry, politics and culture.

Submissions. While we cannot receive unsolicited manuscripts, we will consider proposals of up to 250 words in length. The most effective proposal is a statement about the work that might serve as copy for a book-jacket or a back cover.

Review copies. We furnish advance reader’s copies of our books to potential reviewers and other media representatives. In order to comply with such requests, we need a contact name and phone number along with a mailing address.

Correspondence: info@pureplaypress.com.

Pureplay Press

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