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Brothers from Time to Time by David Landau, ISBN 9780976509653, Subject: Cuba, Revolution, 1959, Family, Politics, Fidel Castro, United States, CIA
Brothers Emilio Adolpho Rivero and Adolpho Rivero

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“Cuba’s Answer to The Brothers Karamazov … In Brothers David Landau, a veteran observer of Cuban and Latin American affairs, tells a big story by focusing on a small cast: two brothers and the people and events that touched their lives … The brothers, Mr. Landau writes, ‘would only ask for truth … The least one can do in a story about them is to apply the same standard.’ It’s a high standard, but the author meets it.”

—Aram Bakshian, Jr., The Washington Times,
September 8, 2020


Breve historia de Cuba
(“A Short History of Cuba”)
by Jaime Suchlicki

ISBN 0971436681, Trade paper / French cover, 6 x 9, 352 pages with photos, Autumn 2006, $28.95

"Lively, accessible, informative—for 15 years I have used the various English editions of this book in my courses on Cuba at Harvard College."

—Jorge I. Domínguez, Clarence Dillon Professor of
International Relations, Harvard University

Scatter My Ashes Over Havana
by Olga Karman

ISBN 0976509644, French cover, 6 x 9, 152 pages with photos, Summer 2006, $17.95


Gold Medal Winner

A Bridge in Darkness
by Carlos Victoria

A Bridge in Darkness

ISBN 0971436649, Trade cloth, 6 x 9, 192 pages, January 2005, $25 



HISTORY / Caribbean & West Indies / Cuba
This is the first-ever publication in Spanish of Jaime Suchlicki‘s classic work Cuba: From Columbus to Castro, first published in 1974, which has had five editions in English. Professor Suchlicki‘s narrative takes the reader on a fast-paced, informative journey from the origins of Cuban society to a clear explanation of its present crisis. Jaime Suchlicki directs the Cuban studies program at the University of Miami.




Breve historia de Cuba by Jaime Suchlicki, published by Pureplay Press in late 2006, has won Best Book of the Year from the International Latino Book Awards in the Spanish-language History/Politics category. The contest results were announced May 31, 2007 at Book Expo America in New York.

While these awards carry no financial gift, their prestige is high. Major publishers, along with independents like Pureplay Press, compete for them.

Breve historia de Cuba is the second book from Pureplay Press to win a “Best of the Year” from the Latino Book Awards. The first, in 2004, was our bilingual poetry book, Por el camino de Sade/Sade’s Way by Néstor Díaz de Villegas. The award to Suchlicki’s book carries extra significance, given the topicality of its subject matter and Cuba’s ongoing political crisis.



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